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What They Are - How To Get The job

A web developer is a person who creates a website or a web-based application. Technically speaking, a web developer is more involved in writing the code and creating the structure for the website or application; they work on the back-end of the system. They are not very involved with making the website visually appealing with aesthetics and designs; that is primarily the job of a web designer. However, these two terms are used interchangeably in the industry; and, more often than not, developers provide the services of a web designer as well.
The web developer writes the code that dictates how a particular website or application will function. They create the website or application with the end user in mind and focus on making the final product as user-friendly as possible. Apart from trying to create a user-friendly experience for the site visitor, they also work on writing codes that help in smooth functioning of the website on the web-server. They are also responsible for integrating data from a variety of databases and back-end services.
A web developer must also keep the client and their tech requirements in mind while coding a particular website or web application. He or she must choose the best way to present their client’s business and products to the customer. The overall structure and layout should also be in line with their client’s brand and ethos. It should complement the client’s work.
To summarize, a web developer has the following responsibilities –
  • Understand the client’s technical requirements
  • Create an effective, tested code for the website/application
  • Create a user-friendly interface suited for an ideal customer
  • Integrate data from back-end services and databases
  • Integrate a variety of technologies and software to increase site efficiency
  • Work in tandem with web designers to help improve the website/application
  • Help resolve any issues that arise due to breakdown in the system

Types of Web Developers

A web developer has to execute a variety of tasks. It may be related to the back-end or front-end services. It may also be related to different aspects of web development. Hence, there are a variety of web developer roles such as –
  • Back-end Developers – Back-end developers are concerned with the technological aspect of the website or application. They write codes to enable the website/application to function effectively. They create the foundation and structure of the website.
  • Front-end Developers – The front-end developer is concerned with the design and layout aspect of the website or web application. They code the front-end and make sure that the design is implemented in a way that it is quick and simple for the user to navigate. Often front-end developers double up as web designers as well.
  • Full Stack Developers – A full stack developer is someone who is an authority on the subject. They have a thorough understanding of both aspects of web development – front-end and back-end. They are not only able to write code that works efficiently but are also able to guide their clients in taking strategic decisions about the website or web application. A full stack developer is able to strike the perfect balance between meeting the client’s tech requirements and making the final product user-friendly for customers.
There are other niche web developers as well. These are people who are skilled in a particular web language or are able to execute a particular task related to web development. Often a team of web developers, with different skill sets, is preferred by clients and businesses with large scale requirements. This ensures they have a variety of subject experts on their team.

What makes a good web developer profile?

There are a lot of job openings in the field of web development, however, there is an even larger number of candidates applying for these jobs. If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure that your profile contains the following points –
  • Basic details about you and your qualification in the field.
  • Details about any courses you have completed that are related to web development.
  • Mention your technical knowledge like the programming languages you know.
  • Mention your soft skills such as project management and effective communication. 
  • Any relevant work experience in the field or related fields.
  • Recommendations and endorsements from previous clients about your work and skills.
  • Links or references to any previous work you have completed.

What skills do I need to be a good web developer?

If you wish to become a web developer, you must develop the following skills –
  • Have a thorough understanding of the basic programming components such as HTML, CSS and Javascript; being an expert in either of them is preferred.
  • Especially for back-end developers, knowledge of languages such as PHP, Java and Ruby is essential; it is needed to build efficient applications.
  • Understanding of programming and development of websites and applications.
  • Understanding of database technologies is essential along with knowing how to integrate data from a variety of databases and back-end sources.
  • Should also have analytical and creative skills to be able to tackle any breakdown in the system; being proficient in network diagnostics is preferred. 
  • Basic knowledge of web designing and an eye for aesthetics is always preferred.
  • Strong communication skills along with the ability to function in a team is required in large scale projects where you need to collaborate with a team of developers.
If you are looking for a job as a web developer then a formal qualification in computer science or programming can give you an edge over the other candidates. You can also complete certificate courses, both online and offline, in a variety of fields such as programming languages, relational database technologies, search engine optimisation and more to prove your expertise to potential employers.
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